March 3, 2011


DJ Druid is an experienced drum & bass DJ and producer hailing from the city of Utrecht (the Netherlands). Growing up in the early nineties fully immersed and firmly rooted him in electronic dance music, resulting in a deep and unwavering love for drum & bass.

A household name on the Dutch DJ circuit, Druid performed in top venues all over the country, alongside the most influential names in the genre. Together with partner-in-crime DJ Flavour he organized the infamous Dungeons & DJs events, and is one of the founders of the popular “Utreg Massive” collective. In 2011 Druid released his long awaited EP “The Power / Burning” on the digital imprint D.R.U. Records. Druid currently hosts The D.R.U. Show and co-hosts Utreg Massive Radio, both on

Expect fresh dancefloor music blended in an inimitable way!

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DJ Druid (UM014, photography by Lukas Broekhuis / DOING)

DJ Druid (Utreg Massive Farewell, photography by Grinnitch)

Latest episode - DJ Druid Drum & Bass Podcast

  • 30 December, 2020 - From the vault: Hologram

    I was digging through my vault, found this great energetic jump-up mix from back in the days: 2012!


    DJ Vapour - Paper Cuts (Callide Remix)
    Callide - 88 Track
    Hoogs - Ice Block
    Sub Zero - Poon
    TC - Psyco
    DJ Hazard - Food Fight
    Crystal Clear ft. Zen - Gang Related VIP
    HoldTight - Blackstone
    DJ Manga ft. Fatman D - Interview With A Badman
    Dominator & Turno - Gangs
    Lyptikal - Tropicana
    Connecta & Bassface Sascha - Hale
    Tayza - Firefist
    Dawn Raid ft. Leanne Brown - Breakdown (Callide Remix)
    Bassface Sascha - International Sound
    Sub Zero & Jaydan - The Weakness
    Origin ft. Profile - Killer Instinct
    Callide - Supreme
    Mampi Swift - Crash
    DJ Hazard - Machete VIP
    2 Pac - Do For Love (Makoto Bootleg Remix)

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Latest spisode - DJ Druid Trance Podcast

  • 11 January, 2021 - Winter Miles (2021)

    Happy 2021! Here's a long mix to help you get through those cold & dark winter nights.

    Stay safe & healthy everyone!

    peace & love - dru


    01. Parker & Hanson - Gravity
    02. Estuera - Umbra
    03. Monoverse - Everything You Are
    04. Sunny Lax - Losing It
    05. Fonzerelli - In My Dream
    06. Elysian - Moonchild
    07. Sian - City Bleeds (Raito Remix)
    08. Elysian - Water
    09. Manic Brothers & Alpha Particle Assembly - Exist (Pierre Blanche Remix)
    10. Sunny Lax - Reptile
    11. Umek - Intricately
    12. Arkham Knights - The Vision
    13. Jam & Spoon - Follow Me (Thomas Schumacher Remix)
    14. Beatsole & Eugenio Tokarev - Midnight
    15. Haliene - Walk Through Walls (Markus Schulz Remix)
    16. Tomas Otero - Copilot
    17. Push - Strange World (Joyhauser Remix)
    18. Darkness Falls - Manticore
    19. Arkham Knights - Distorted
    20. Kryder - LSD (Dirty)
    21. Sam Wolfe & Kreecher - Lebanon
    22. Radion6 - Venus
    23. NOMADsignal & Isotapes - Thorium-238
    24. Ben Gold - Where Life Takes Us

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